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EXCELLENT view of a truly breathtaking show of the Northern Lights!

Excellent crew, excellent boat, and EXCELLENT view of a truly breathtaking show of the Northern Lights! They turn off all of the lights on the boat once they get far enough out, so you can get great shots on your own, but they also provide shots that they take themselves FOR FREE on their website! And they get truly amazing pictures, so you can relax and enjoy your time and still have something to show family and friends later! There are snacks and drinks available for purchase, and they have full-body thermal suits you can borrow to stay warm and dry. I’d recommend this crew to anyone wanting the best experience for viewing the Northern Lights!
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Fantastic fishing trip

We had a great experience on our sea angling trip today. Everyone caught lots of fish. The guides were very friendly and helpful, and they did a wonderful job of preparing the fish for us to eat. It was delicious!
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Magical Experience!!

Wow, what a magical experience! We were so lucky to see the Northern Lights and were treated to beautiful poetry and melodies by a crew member! Our tour guide did a great job explaining the Northern Lights and pointing things out to us.
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Great whale watching experience

Me and my girlfriend went on a whale watching trip when we visited reykjavik this month. It was amazing! The scenery was beautiful and the journey to the whale feeding grounds was lovely.We saw some minke whales and porpoises, and were lucky enough to see a humpback who stayed near the boat for a long time. The guide (Jonathan) was excellent - really informative and funny.
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Lots of Puffins!!

My husband and I went on the Puffin Express tour in June. The staff at Special Tours were so helpful and answered all our questions. They have several tours throughout the day and we had no problem booking one for the time we wanted. We went to two different islands and saw puffins at both. You can see them in the water, flying and on the islands.

Did you know?

Whale sounds are a form of communication used by whales. The humpback whales produce patterns of regular and predictable sounds described as -songs- and the male humpback songs are even strikingly similar to human musical traditions - Have a listen!