What to do on a rainy day in Reykjavík?

February 22, 2022

Welcome to Iceland. Thanks to the airlines cheap flight incentives, this Nordic capital has boomed in the last few years. Located not too far from the Silfra rift, where the North American and European continental plates meet. Where in winter you can take in the spectacular Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun. Well, most of the time. As anyone who has spent any amount of time here can tell you the weather can be quite cupreous indeed. Going from clear skies to gale force winds and rain that appears to fall sideways in a few minutes. Fortunately, there are plenty of refuges to escape the weather.

Whale museum in Reykjavik

If you can´t go out on the water, why not go under it? Figuratively at least. At Whales of Iceland we have 23 life sized models of whales, dolphins and porpoises which can be seen in Icelandic waters. All the whales are to scale and based off of specific individuals, including Keiko. The whale featured in the film Free Willy that was released from captivity into Iceland in 2002. The admission includes an audio guide in 12 different languages as well as daily live guided tour in English at 10:30 and 14:00 by our expert staff.

While you´re drying off, make sure to check out our café that´s operated in conjunction with Reykjavik Röst. Where you can take in the ambience of our simulated underwater setting while having a coffee, beer or wine or a nice pastry of your choosing.

Twice daily, at 11 and 14:30 we screen the Emmy award winning documentary Sonic Sea. Narrated by Rachel McAdams, the documentary talks about the threats facing whales such as sonar, seismic activity and shipping boats and what we can do to prevent it. Featuring stellar underwater photography and interviews with top marine biologists such as Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sylvia Earle and Kenneth Balcomb, the film is moving and illuminates this little known threat facing whales.

Do you want to Fly over Iceland?

Right next door to us is FlyOver Iceland. What better way to experience the diverse sites of Iceland on a rainy day than in a state of the art ride that features some of the most spell binding aerial footage of Iceland ever recorded. From its vast majestic glaciers, to the windswept highlands, to Þrídrangaviti the world´s most remote lighthouse, Flyover Iceland captures and distills this country´s various sites.

Are you a Viking? Check out the Viking museum in Reykjavik

If you´re into Viking history or the Settlement Period here in Iceland than the Saga Museum is not to be missed. Created by Ernst Backman, the Saga Museum takes you through Iceland´s discovery by the Vikings in the 9th century all the way through to the Reformation in the 1500´s. Inside you will meet the personages that forged Iceland´s history from Leif Erikson to Egil Skallagrímsson brought to life in exquisitely carved silicon figures that will make you believe you are amongst the Vikings.

What to do in the Grandi area?

If you´re in the mood for shopping, the Granda Area (of which Whales of Iceland is located), has become home to some of Reykjavik´s most dynamic and eclectic boutiques. Pop in and maybe find that perfect lopapeysa (Icelandic wool sweater) or avant-garde jumper and necklace. If you´re in the mood for a proper meal there is also Kaffivaginn (Iceland´s oldest restaurant), the scrumptious breakfast cafe Cukoo´s Nest or the Grandi Mathöll where you can choose from over 8 different food booths. Check out this Reykjavík travel guide for more information:

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