World Whale Day 2021

February 21, 2021

Today is World Whale Day, and things look a bit different this year than they have in the past. Instead of being out at sea on one of our Whale Watching Tours, we are celebrating all of the magnificent cetaceans from our office in downtown Reykjavík. World Whale Day is a chance to celebrate and learn about whales and their massive importance.

Special Tours has been operating whale watching tours from Reykjavík for over two decades. In that time we have had the privilege to meet countless whales, with species including humpbacks, minkes, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises, orcas, and even some rarer species like the blue whale, fin whale, and the North Atlantic right whale. Each and every encounter with a cetacean is a special and valuable experience, and we are so thankful that we get to share these experiences with our passengers.

Conservation and education are both critically important to us. In addition to providing in-depth information during our tours, we work on educational projects with Whales of Iceland in partnership with IFAW, IceWhale, and other tourism companies and organizations. One of our favorite projects is the Fin Whale Room at Whales of Iceland, which focuses on marine conservation. This exhibit looks at the variety of threats that whales face today, and what solutions are available.

Since we cannot be out at sea today, we’re looking back at some of our older photos like the ones below. Whale Watching is not only fun, but also plays a key role in educating people about marine life and the crucial function that whales have within marine ecosystems.

Mogul, a North Atlantic right whale spotted in 2018.
Two members of a larger pod of orcas.
Why do whales breach
A breaching humpback whale.
A curious minke inspecting our whale watching boat.
White Beaked dolphins playing around with Reykjavik city skyline in the background
A pod of white-beaked dolphins.
An incredible rare sighting of a blue whale.