Best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour

Best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour

Are you wondering what to do in Reykjavík on a rainy or snowy day? Looking to explore a less touristy part of the city? You’ll find it worth your time to head out to Grandi, just next to the Old Harbour, an area of the city you might normally not think about twice. As a tourist in a new place, it would never cross my mind that a place with huge hangars and industrial vibes would turn out to hide such gems. Here are our best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour.

Once an area whose only purpose was to house the fish processing plants and shipyards, today Grandi at the Old Harbour is a haven for Iceland aficionados that want to learn more about the island’s natural wonders and have fun while doing so. Let’s not forget about the many foodie-approved places, so this truly is a place where everybody can find something interesting.


Best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour

People walking in Grandi disctrict, Old Harbour, Reykjavík. (Photo:


If you are like me and can never get enough of whales even if you see them live on the open seas, then the Whales of Iceland museum is for you. Marvel at the life-sized replicas of whales and dolphins encountered in Icelandic coastal waters. Prepare to feel dwarfed and humbled, while learning more about them with the help of an audio guide or a very knowledgeable live human guide.


Best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour

Life-size whale exhibits at Whales of Iceland museum


Missed the latest volcanic eruption of Meradalir? No need to worry, Lava Show has got you covered. Witness real live molten rock being poured in front of your very eyes while an educated guide tells you all you need to know about what happens during a real outburst of lava.

If you are visiting Iceland in winter, then it’s safe to assume that you’re a member of Team Northern Lights! Even when hanging around the Old Harbour, you can get close to the amazing lights! We all love to learn about the topic of our fascination and for that purpose Aurora Reykjavík has what you need. They’ll tell all you need to know about this incredible celestial phenomenon. Hot tip: VR experience and coffee included! Another hot tip: Great in combination with a northern lights tour by boat!

Not afraid of heights? Brilliant! The experience of flying above some of Iceland’s less know breathtaking landscapes will leave you breathless. FlyOver Iceland invites you aboard a simulator that gives you the feeling of being able to fly! Bring a hoodie with you, there can be a lot of mist in the clouds.


Best places to visit at the Reykjavik Old Harbour

Visitors having a thrill ride at FlyOver Iceland


I bet all the excitement will have made you hungry. Time to hit one (or more) of the places that offer delicious food! The first and obvious choice is the Grandi Mathöll (Grandi food court) where you can choose between Korean street food, sushi, pasta, Indian and of course Icelandic dishes. Those of you that are used to Mediterranean culinary standards and are skeptical about Nordic pizza will be pleasantly surprised after tasting Flatey Pizza‘s festival of doughy goodness.

Further along the same street, there’s Luna Flórens, where you can chill with a coffee and cake in a cozy atmosphere. Now for some dessert! At Valdís you will not only be happy because icecream(!), but you’ll also be one step closer to becoming a true Icelander that enjoys their frozen treat when and where it makes sense the most – during winter!

Who knew a day at a fish processing area could be so culturally and gastronomically uplifting! 😊

Written by Lucas Heinrich