Winter whale watching: Six weeks of seeing the same whale!

January 16, 2023

Since the beginning of last December, we’ve had an interesting change in the pattern of our winter whale watching tours and we thought we’d share that with you.

Usually we sail for approximately an hour away from the Reykjavik Old Harbour before we came to a good whale watching spot in the middle of Faxaflói. These days the tours offer a fun little game for the guide: trying to spot a whale before finishing the introduction speech! And they manage to do it more often than not, due to sightings close to the Old Harbour!

We have been seeing the same animal at a distance of a few minutes sailing from the harbour, from the 4th of December and we’re very happy about it! This humpback whale has been exhibiting exciting behaviour like lobtailing, barrel rolling on the surface, flipper slapping and, to the delight of all our passengers, coming ridiculously close to our vessel to investigate us. We are not sure what whales dream about, but we can assure you that we are currently living the whale dream.

Below are a few pictures of this friendly neighbour of ours from the last few winter whale watching tours. More images from January whale watching can be found here. You can click the below images to see more amazing photos and videos on our Instagram page.

Written by Lucas Heinrich.

winter whale watching Reykjavik

Our friendly neighbour on a beautiful winter afternoon close to Reykjavik


winter whale watching Reykjavik

Our friend flaps its tail!


winter whale watching Reykjavik

The friendly whale comes close to the boat


winter whale watching Reykjavik

The majestic humpback’s tail pops up from the water


winter whale watching Reykjavik

A beautiful creature in beautiful surroundings